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White William v.d. Gudumholm




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When Eemeli arrived in Finland in January 2002, he was a longawaited add to our little family. Already as a small pup he conquered everyone's hearts by his friendly and open character. He arrived from the Netherlands, originally from Kennel Gudumholm, but he spent the last two weeks with Monique and Theo at Jack's Paradise. Monique and Theo have been like Eemeli's breeders to us and we still keep contact with them.

In the Netherlands Eemeli was called Finley because they knew that the pup will move to Finland. However, when we asked Monique to tell us about the pup, he seemed just like Astrid Lindgren's Emil of Maple Hills (Emil i Lönneberga). He still is a strong-willed and wild boy who always has some new tricks in mind, but who at the same time is very openminded, friendly and huggable. 


In the upper pic Eemeli is second from the left,  the whitest of the litter © Bastiaansen       

Father Ridge © Bastiaansen                                      Mother Tanne © Bastiaansen       

 Eemeli, six weeks old © Bastiaansen   

Jack Russell has been "the dog" for me for the long time. I would have wanted to have a jack russell 

already as a teenager but at that time my parents thought it would be too energetic for the family. 

We decided to have an australian terrier then and truly speaking he was like a hurricane all his 

puppyhood. But probably my parents found a terrier inside of them because they still have one =).


When we searched for a jack russell on our own, it was important for us that the dog is bold, 

open-minded and adaptable to different situations. I already knew that terriers are stubborn and fast =), 

but I also knew that I would get an ethusiastic and cheerful friend for different hobbies and activities.


And honestly I can say that Eemeli has been this all! He's strong-willed dog with hunting instincts who 

despite of his liveliness has all his life been able to concentrate on working with us. He's very friendly to all

people and to most dogs, but like many male terriers he's more reserved with other male terriers and he can't stand

other males bossing him around. 


All in all, he's the best little dog fellow for us and he has been with us almost 

everywhere already nearly five years.


Our hobbies with Eemeli are tricks (he can MANY of them), obedience (not competing), agility 

(we have already competed unofficially) and "working with nose" like tracking and hide and seek.

We also are real outdoor persons and we love to hike and do long walkings. Very often we also travel 

to the archipelago to spend some time by the sea.